XUMM WordPress Plugin

  • Let your users connect to your site using their XUMM wallet;
  • Option to auto-create users to allow user-based functionality;
  • DAO Voting tool to allow community voting directly on the XRP Ledger;
  • Richlist and Holder’s Card to help your holders see their ranking info;
  • Short codes are used to easily integrate the tool into your design. Works especially well with Elementor.

Filty Addy

  • Uses the XRPScan.com API for quick loading of your token’s trustlines;
  • Filter all addresses or input a list to only filter these addresses. Validation against the real list are still made;
  • Exclude any addresses such as the project’s wallet or excluded members from either list;
  • Filter based on balance minimum and/or maximum and/or with the position of the trustline from your account;
  • Export in JSON, one per line or comma separated to use with ARDY.


  • Monitor transactions on the XRP Ledger in Real-time parsing every ledgers as they get closed;
  • Set alerts on transactions and receive audible notifications when a new closed ledger includes your alert filter;
  • Quick links to the transaction hash and trading from either pairs on the Sologenic DEX;
  • Preset your alert filter(s) in the URL to quickly add monitors to specific sets of alerts to a saved link.


  • Experimental project to generate a unique barcode-like graphic based on your XRPL r-address;
  • Each black bar’s height represents a character and the color bar are affected by its neighbor character in an RGB color code;
  • Uses the browser’s built-in oscillator to play a node based on each character to generate a unique sound for your address.


  • Load all of your trustlines using the XUMM wallet or by simply pasting your address;
  • Load the status of a token’s trustlines to visually see the distribution of the holders and non-holders. This can be useful to monitor airdrops and their status;
  • Quick trade links for each trustlines to the Sologenic DEX or the DEX xApp directly in XUMM;
  • Remove your trustline with no balance directly using your XUMM wallet for signing the transaction.